# Who we are

ICDevs.org (registered as The Internet Computer Developers Education and Discovery Corporation) is a 501(c)3 Texas Non-profit.

ICDevs.org seeks to provide the general public with

  • 🏘️ community organization
  • 📖 educational resources
  • 💰 funding
  • 🔬 scientific discovery

… for the use and development of the Internet Computer and related technologies. It pursues activities such as

  • educational symposiums
  • conferences
  • educational material development
  • scientific and technology development
  • developer funding
  • open-source systems funding
  • strategic community organization

ICDevs.org is completely independent from the DFINITY Foundation and the ICA. Our goal is to further diversify and decentralize the Internet Computer ecosystem. By providing a United States-based non-profit organization we open up new, tax-advantaged ways, for US-based proponents of the Internet Computer to organize their resources and influence to advance the Ideals of the Internet Computer.

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# ♾️ What is the Internet Computer

From : Dfinity docs

The Internet Computer is a blockchain that enables developers, organizations, and entrepreneurs to build and deploy secure, autonomous, and tamper-proof software programs.

As an application developer, you might find it useful to think of the Internet Computer as providing the following key elements:

An open communication protocol that enables general-purpose computations to run transparently directly on the internet A network that runs the protocol to provide computing capacity—for example, the hardware, CPU, and memory required to run programs—through independent data centers. A globally-accessible and scalable blockchain platform for running software applications.

ICDevs.org believes in a future where a significant portion of enterprise and consumer information management and commerces occurs with the Internet Computer involved. Our goal is that most people will be using the Internet Computer without knowing that they are doing so. To reach this goal we need a significant number of well-trained and well-equipped developers to build the infrastructure that seamlessly melds real-world activity into trustless computing infrastructure.

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